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January 2007

Since our company’s inception in 1995 we have been involved in the production and/or satellite related logistical support of an ever increasing number of satellite teleconferences each year.  In Fiscal Year 2006 we provided support for over 75 satellite teleconferencing events.  The content and title of these program vary widely depending on the client/sponsor and target audiences.  Topic examples include Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counterdrug Education, Medical, Law Enforcement, Aviation Safety, Technology, Food Service, Logistics & Facilities Management, Bioterrorism, Human Resource Programming and Leadership Training.

Detailed examples of some of these programs can be found at these web sites.

Counter Drug Satellite Teleconference Schedule

National Terrorism Preparedness Institute Schedule

Interagency Satellite Teleconference Schedule

Despite technological advances that make Webcasting, Podcasting, and other delivery modalities even more accessible for users, demand for satellite programming continues to expand as clients understand that for certain events targeting wide audiences over expansive geographic areas, satellite delivery still provides the best value.  Clients now usually adopt a “blended learning” delivery approach combining several delivery modalities that might include several satellite and video teleconferencing networks, live and archived webcasting, and, most recently, Podcasting.

The continued expanding demand for satellite delivery is reflected in the fact that for FY2007, we already have scheduled over 90 satellite programs through April 2007 and more are being added every week. 

We maintain a database of over 12,000 potential downlink satellite sites in the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our public service programming has resulted in audiences that have exceeded 10,000 viewers, across all 50 states, Canada, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico with 400+ sites per event. Our clients' selected targeted programming has also provided access to over 1500+ schools and public access audiences approaching nearly 5,500,000 households.

We are the only private company we know of that works with both civilian and military/federal satellite networks so that we can market programs to the widest possible audiences.

There are many tasks related to the production of a successful satellite teleconference and satellite network management. These include:

  • Satellite Scheduling
  • Satellite Network Construction and Oversight
  • Satellite Network Operations and Logistics Coordination
  • Event Marketing and Promotion
  • Event Web Site Construction and Maintenance
  • Production Studio Scheduling
  • Professional Production Assistance
  • Script, Video, Content Conversion, Storyboarding Assistance As Required
  • Satellite Uplink Coordination
  • Event Registration and Site Logistics
  • Downlink Location Assistance
  • Customer Help Desk
  • Site Materials Composition, Reproduction and Distribution
  • Post Event Reports and Evaluation

Our organization is very experienced in accomplishing all of these tasks.

Please see our list of past and current clients here:

DLNETs Client List

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