March 1st, 2012 

High Density Data Center Cooling
and New ASHRAE Standards



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Achieving Energy Security
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 ( In this, the second of The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) series of seven new free programs and titles targeting facilities and energy managers, expert panelists discuss issues of interest to Information Technology professionals. Register to the right if interested, and please also forward this announcement to others in your network, agency, or professional email/Facebook / Linkedin contact lists who also might be interested in this title.  -Thanks in advance!)


"Achieving Energy Efficient Data Centers with New ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines"


March 1st, 2012

1:30 - 3:00 PM ET 

Live via Satellite & Webcast

Length of Course:  90 Minutes Thursday March 1st , 2012; 


Live via Digital C-Band Satellite and also available on the GETN/DETN Military/Federal Satellite Networks.

This free interactive program is also available as a live and later archived webcast for registered sites on your desktop computer. (Speakers required...there is no audio-bridge connection for webcast users.)

Note: If you are having or expect webcast firewall issues, please contact us at  or TF: 877-820-0305 to discuss alternative viewing options.


Program Summary:  


Arm yourself with the knowledge to improve energy performance in Federal and Military data centers and research facilities without compromising reliability, voiding warranties, or increasing the risk of failure.



Facilities Managers, Information Technology Leaders, and Energy Experts will learn about:


-  The latest ASHRAE TC9.9 standards with regards to allowable and recommended temperature and humidity ranges.


-  The real impact on IT equipment failures from operating at higher temperatures (based on IT OEM actual data).  


- The increased potential for data centers WITHOUT any mechanical refrigeration (ie, no chillers, compressors, etc.)  


- Resource materials from the major IT and data center industry thought leaders.



Target Audiences:    


This seminar is designed for information technology data center managers and decision makers, other  facilities managers, contract specialists and energy and management professionals who want to better understand how to improve data center performance within their organizations.  


Expert Instructors:


Instructor:  Don Beaty 

Don Beaty is a licensed professional engineer and founder of DLB Associates Consulting Engineers. Since1980 DLB has provided services for mission critical facilities in more than 35 states and throughout the world. DLB has provided design, commissioning, and operations support services for a wide variety of large and small data center clients including 10 of the largest Google data center campuses worldwide. Mr. Beaty is an ASHRAE Fellow and is the 2012 recipient of the ASHRAE George B. Hightower Technical Achievement Award in recognition for his TC 9.9 leadership and contribution. He has served in leadership positions on ASHRAE

committees on energy, equipment performance, and data centers. Mr. Beaty was the co-founder and first chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 9.9 (Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment) and has been a major contributor to over 10 data center books. He continues to be a major driving force on TC 9.9.



FEMP Expert:  Will Lintner 


Will Lintner is a professional engineer and certified energy manager. As a member of the Applied Applications
Team within the Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) he leads activities on energy
efficiency in energy intensive facilities, including laboratories and data centers, and in the area of water efficiency. Mr. Lintner received a Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management in 2007 for his energy savings contributions through the DOE/EPA 21st Century Program. He was also recognized by the Department of Energy in 2000 for his contributions toward reducing the DOE's own operating costs by over $100 million per year through investments in energy efficiency retrofit projects. He holds a bachelor's of science degree in
mechanical engineering from George Washington University and a bachelor's of arts degree in biology from
George Mason University.





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